The goal was to design something that would facilitate the simplicity of the lipstick canister yet manage to be different and stand out from the competitors. Developing something that showcased the elegance and luxury of this product was key. The brand development tells the initial story but the packaging gave the full picture and showcased Prysm as a brand. The utilization of unique triangular lipstick packaging complete with geometric panels and a geometric pattern that further communicated Prysm’s identity.
The lipstick packaging doubles as a carrying case for less waste and provides users with a built in mirror for ease of application. This added details allow users a package that has an extended lifespan and thus increases brand recognition and loyalty.
There was careful consideration about how these packages would be displayed on shop shelves and due to their triangular design it allows them to be stacked in groups that made hexagons that would be unique and eye catching displays as well as an easier way to stack and store the lipsticks for sale.
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