Shindig was designed as a for hire portable craft cocktail bar. The concept was to bring high quality cocktails to private and corporate events. This service would give its clients a full service bar compete with barware, specially designed menus for each event as well as master bartenders to help make their event even better.
When looking at how to design this concept it was essential to look at the core of what made Shindig unique. It was a full service bar that came to you and therefore telling the story of the wandering cocktail bar in its design and branding was paramount. Integrating in typographical maps into the design the logo as well as the facade of the bar and throughout the brands concept helped to further encapsulate the essence of Shindig. By using a color palette and materials that were both modern and evoked feelings of the outdoors helped to further convey the wandering and free spirited nature of this concept. Materials like wood and powder coated metal siding used on the facade and interior of the bar melded the outdoors and modernity then mixing it with blacks, creams, and teals further added to the warmth and overall brand identity.

© Taylor Sayyah 2019

Rendering images sourced from The Areo Bar

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